Hi, I’m Kai!

The Creator & Chief Curiosity Seeker for

One of my favorite movies is the French film Amélie.
When a character first appears, we learn about them
through their likes and dislikes.

So here’s my Amelie inspired about me.

I am an extroverted introvert.

I like…
+ Green juice on an empty stomach.
+ The smell of the air on an early morning walk.
+ Anything that makes me laugh and cry.

I dislike…
+ Playing footsies.
+ When someone says “I was only joking”.
+ Peaches that aren’t juicy.

Your turn… ↓



  1. Tanya Andrade

    I am a dreamer and a dream maker.

    I like…
    lying on the beach
    floating in the pool
    spending time with my bestfriend (all of them)

    I don’t like…
    people who don’t tell the truth
    being alone

    • Kai

      Thanks Tanya. Dreamers and dream makers are always welcome. 🙂

  2. dana montlack

    Hi, I was on the laura day zoom. I am 56, and I really agree with your concept. the more women that stand together the greater impact we can have on future daughters. In any case, I am an artist and would be happy to help with any visuals. I will keep an eye out for the newsletter or whatever you do. lastly, you do have a typo on your website.-typo The divine feminine is rising

    and Gen X women are FEELING the call

    to be leaders for a new way.

    • Kai

      Dana! Yes, we need to stand together. Welcome to the rebellion. ✊?
      And thank you for pointing out the type. Fixed!

  3. Jane Wulf

    I like Gen Xers, bike riding and what you wrote about being tired of hustling
    I dislike my insecurities

    • Kai

      Jane, I am a fellow bike lover. Letting go of the hustle is a big one. I’m still working on it.
      Big ❤️ around your insecurities.

  4. Gabbie

    I like
    Watching the sunset
    Connecting with new people

    • Kai

      Gabbie, we can never go wrong with a little shaking of the booty. amirite? ??

  5. Porscha


    My name is Porscha and I am also an interoverted extrovert

    I like…
    The fall season. It’s my favorite.
    The rain. I could just stare at it for hours.
    The smell of fresh laundry… it really makes me happy
    Inclusivity… I really enjoy making people feel welcome
    Pork… Yeah I know it’s bad, but I just love it so lol
    Chai Tea!!

    I dislike…
    Re-cleaning stuff that I just cleaned
    Mean spirited people
    Dirty Floors- It just really bothers me
    When I see people with low self-esteem

    • Kai

      Porscha! What up girl? Yes to rain, especially when you live in SoCal. lol to not liking re-cleaning.

  6. Marissa

    I’m 53. After decades of living according to the expectations of others, I’m on my own now and finally have the room to re-acquaint myself with who I am.. What a process.

    I like:
    – being in.nature, especially at the beach.
    – helping others – I love to help others be their best selves. On the Enneagram I scored a rare 30 out of 30 for the questions for category 2 – the Helper. (This is good and not so good).
    – I LOVE my girlfriends- my lifelines
    – I LOVE live music. Music stirs my soul

    I don’t like:
    – Self-focused people
    – my patterns of self sacrifice
    – my inner critic

    • Kai

      Woo! Getting reacquainted with oneself is a process. So glad you’re on that journey. You deserve it.

  7. Andrea Lawrence

    I love that we are ready to rise up and take up space. We are mothers of the planet, the feminine fierce goddess warriors of the universe. I always imagined the we , the goddess warriors became over run and dominated by the physical strength of the male. We are heart and soul and “magic”.
    I like;
    deep real vulnerability, empathy , compassion and truth
    the beach and ocean
    laughing a lot
    feeling the vibe of great music
    really gooood food, any kind

    I dislike:
    selfish behavior
    and people who are just not kind….I don’t get

    So happy to connect with you all : )

    • admin

      Yes Andrea. Taking up space is such an important part of it and very uncomfortable for womxn our age. I’m looking forward to us banding together to reclaim our place

  8. Kel

    Approaching 54, self-partnered for 3+ years, single mom of a teenage girl…

    I like-
    Photo safaris in abandoned places
    Flowers (I must have, always and always)

    Transactional relationships
    “Acting my age”

    • admin

      lol I love that you aren’t digging on acting your age. What the hell does that mean anyway? Ooh photo safaris in abandoned places. I’d like to know more about that.

  9. Dana

    Greetings! My name is Dana, and I am an extroverted introvert. Oh… and I’ll be 49 this April.

    I like…
    – staring out at the quiet, rolling green hills of the countryside (and I don’t get to do it often enough!)
    – GOOD FOOD (lebanese, sushi, italian, and indian are amongst my faves)
    – percussion
    – the sound of the ocean, of waterfalls, of streams

    I don’t like…
    – injustice
    – greed
    – narrow-mindedness
    – preparing for a colonoscopy (yeah, I said it)
    – not finding the right words to express myself sometimes

    This was cool.

    • Kai

      Ooh I love your likes. They really tap into your senses.
      lol to colonoscopy prep. Welcome to midlife. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  10. Aurora

    Let’s see….

    I like:
    The smell of rain
    The sound of Hummingbirds whizzing around and showing off
    My cat Snick when he used to cuddle with me (before he died)

    I dislike:
    Wearing soggy socks.
    LED headlights and the sound of truck/bus/sports car motors.
    Dirty feet in bed.

    • Kai

      OMG yes to the smell of rain. Hummingbirds are magical. ❤️ for Snick. Lol. Two of your dislikes involve feet.


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